About Me

As I began my entrepreneurial path in 2006-07, I encountered 102 rejections in the first half-year before landing my first deal. This taught me a valuable lesson: 'People invest in outcomes.'"

I am Basesh Gala - A Business Coach

And I'm here to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. My own path began with the founding of “Quantum Leap” in 2016, where we focused on corporate training. From 2006 to 2014, we served over 110 corporate organizations.

In 2010, I expanded my ventures, delving into outsourcing, recruitment, and event management. Unfortunately, by December 2012, I faced setbacks, closing down my outsourcing and recruitment businesses due to significant losses and mounting debt. It was a challenging time, leaving me feeling exhausted and disillusioned after pouring my efforts into ventures that didn't yield the expected results."

"I've Ventured into 5 Businesses, Enjoying Success with 3 while 2 Faced Closure."

"I've experienced both ends of the spectrum, gaining invaluable insights into what works and what doesn't. With this depth of understanding, I'm equipped to navigate the path forward with clarity and wisdom."

I am on a mission to assist business owners in establishing enterprises capable of sustained growth even in their absence


Pitru Chhaya Building, 6, Sleater Rd, Grant Road West, Grant Road (W), Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

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